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Sales Guide | Naylius McKenzie

Buying Guide

Buying your home can be a stressful experience, particularly if you are unsure of the process. However, at Naylius McKenzie, we endeavour to remove the worry from the process and we will make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Registering your details

To find your ideal property, we need to know as much as possible about your requirements. You can let us know what these are by registering online, by phone or by visiting our office at 74 Haverstock Hill NW3, where a member of staff can assist you with your search.

Viewing hours

Our normal office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00-18:30 and Saturday 9:30-14:00. Please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to arrange a time that suits you, alternatively we can organise appointments outside our normal office hours.

Arranging a mortgage

There are many mortgage products on the market today and there is almost certainly one which is ideal for your circumstances. Please let us know if you would like to speak to a financial advisor.

Making an offer

When you have found the right property you will want to make an offer. This is done through us; we communicate all offers to the Vendor verbally and in writing. If your offer is not accepted and you are still interested, negotiations will continue to take place.

Offer accepted

Once the Vendor has accepted your offer, you will need to instruct your Solicitor. If you do not have a Solicitor, Naylius McKenzie will happily recommend one to you. You will also need to complete your mortgage application form (if applicable) as soon as possible and pay the valuation fee.

Once you have instructed your Solicitor, the legal process will begin. At the same time, your lender will process your application, carry out the survey, and issue your mortgage offer.

Exchanging contracts

When your Solicitor has completed all of his enquiries, is satisfied with all matters raised, and has a copy of your mortgage offer (if applicable), you will be asked to sign your contract and pay a 10% deposit. Naylius McKenzie will agree a date for completion that is acceptable to both the Vendor and purchaser; you will then proceed to exchange contracts.


On the day of completion your Solicitor will send the balance of the purchase price to the Vendor's Solicitor. Once the Vendor's Solicitor confirms to Naylius McKenzie that the funds have been received, we can then release the keys to you and you can begin to enjoy your new home.

Selling Guide

Selling your home can be a stressful experience however, at Naylius McKenzie, we endeavour to remove the stress from the process and aim to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible.

At Naylius McKenzie, we believe we can do more than anyone to help you find the right buyer, at the best possible price, with an absolute minimum disruption to you.

We will keep you advised at each stage of the process, from the initial valuation, through to completion. You will benefit from our many years of experience from deciding what offer to accept when one receives multiple offers and how to deal with each issue raised during the course of the sale.


Naylius McKenzie carry out sales valuations and marketing appraisals of your property advising on the range of options available, including pricing, current market conditions and marketing approach, this is given freely and without obligation. Naylius McKenzie appreciates that you have a choice and we remember that YOU are the client.



Once we have received confirmation of your instruction to place your property on the market with us, we will produce the sales particulars, arrange for photographs to be taken and floor plans to be created of your property. The sales particulars, including photographs and floor plans are then used in our marketing activities including our website, various property portals on the internet, window displays, etc.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

It is a legal requirement, all vendors to have a valid EPC for their property before it can be sold or let. An EPC assesses the energy performance of a property, from "A" representing the most energy efficient property to "G" representing the least energy efficient property. It must be carried out by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor and will also show a building's environmental impact by indicating its carbon dioxide emissions. A valid EPC will last for 10 years.


We will arrange appointments that are convenient to you during weekdays, evenings and on Saturdays. Please let us know if it is NOT convenient for us to show your property at a specific time and we will happily re-arrange. Most Vendors like to give us a set of keys, we will always advise you prior to our showing of your property and all applicants are always accompanied even after they have exchanged contracts.


We will confirm verbally and in writing once we have received an offer on your property.

It is quite possible that you may receive multiple offers from several purchasers and need to decide between buyers. We can help in a number of ways in these circumstances to bring this situation to a satisfactory conclusion. It is very important in this situation to choose the right buyer to enable the sale to go through the first time at the best possible price. Naylius McKenzie has many years experience and expertise in this field and an extremely high success rate.

Offer accepted

Once you have decided to accept an offer you will need to instruct your Solicitor, if you do not have a Solicitor Naylius McKenzie will happily recommend one to you. We will then write to all parties concerned i.e. Vendor and Vendors Solicitor, purchaser and purchasers Solicitor; this will enable both parties Solicitors to contact one another in order to start the legal process. Naylius McKenzie will organise for the purchaser's lender to carry out the survey, as soon as possible. The lender will subsequently issue a mortgage offer to the purchaser.

Exchange of Contracts

When the purchasers Solicitor has completed all of his enquiries, is satisfied with all matters raised and is in receipt of a copy of the purchasers mortgage offer (if applicable). The purchaser will sign their contract & pay to their Solicitor a deposit of 10% of the purchase price, your Solicitor will ask you to sign your contract. Exchange of contracts can then take place and the transaction becomes legally binding. Prior to exchange of contracts Naylius McKenzie will discuss with both parties a suitable date for completion that is acceptable to both the Vendor and purchaser.


On the day of completion the purchaser's Solicitor will send to your Solicitor the balance of the purchase price and once your Solicitor confirms to Naylius McKenzie that the funds have been received then we can release the keys to the purchaser.